2024 Pitch Courses

Discover the secrets to mastering the art of pitching with our two dynamic sessions

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We are still buzzing from such a great Pitch Challenge and LOVED hearing how beneficial you all found it! 

By request, after getting flooded with emails to do another pitch challenge or class, we are offering 2 followup pitch classes so you can keep the momentum going!

→  Both Courses are geared towards Writers and Producers

→  Each include a Q&A and direct interaction with Sara Elizabeth

→  They will be recorded in case you can't make it live

PLUS Reel Circle Members can join for free! To get your discount code, head to "My Library" in the navigation above, select your membership, then go into the module entitled, "Your Discount Codes."

Create your Pitch Deck like a Pro

ONLY $27 / FREE for Members

February 29th, 3-5pm EST (12-2pm PST)

Every writer or producer should have a deck to support your pitch. They're perfect for the times you can't get an actual meeting or a followup. We go "behind the scenes" for a SNEAK PEEK at Decks that have attracted over $15M in film funding!

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Mastering the 4 Different Kinds of Pitches

ONLY $27 / FREE for Members

March 7th, 6:30-8:30pm EST (3:30-5:30pm PST)

From formal production company pitches and market meetings to informal networking pitches and email pitches, learn how to successfully navigate each to make the most of every pitch situation and get the next meeting.

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Get Both & Save!

$54 ONLY $47 / FREE for Members

Two webinars, one unbeatable price!

Secure your spot for both sessions now and enjoy exclusive savings while mastering the art of pitching. You'll be prepared to excel in the competitive world of pitching.

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Prefer to work with Sara Elizabeth 1:1?

Book a 1:1 for only $99! (usually $150)

"Sara Elizabeth's commitment to supporting the film community is unparalleled and her classes highlighted major gaps in my knowledge which I was able to rectify to move forwards in my projects. My pitching (both written materials and verbal) have improved significantly and I can approach potential partners with renewed confidence"

Mikail C.  —  Filmmaker from Washington D.C.

"Making a pitch deck has gone from being an insurmountable task for me to a fantastic opportunity to create my vision of my story utilizing the techniques, knowledge and experience that Sara so generously shared. I have come away from the experience with so much more confidence."

Aliki K.  —  Filmmaker from Kalymnos, Greece

"It was awesome to see many different decks with different styles. That was fantastic. You are a great facilitator!"

Gwen O.  —  Writer from Blacksburg, VA

"The pitch class was beyond unbelievable."

DeAnna Charett  —  Filmmaker from New Orleans, LA

Meet Your Guide
Sara Elizabeth Timmins

Sara Elizabeth established Life Out Loud Films to create quality, inspiring impact films that champion women. Her films have been seen in theaters and on HBO, Sundance, Hallmark, Amazon, Starz/Showtime and internationally. She has worked with Oscar & Emmy winning talent like Jane SeymourEllen BurstynChris CooperJosh Lucas, and NY Times Best Selling Author David Baldacci. She field produced the Emmy nominated HBO docuseries McMillions for Mark Wahlberg's company which premiered at Sundance 2020. Sara Elizabeth believes she has a responsibility through film to spark conversations, that inspire action, that ignites change.

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