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"Sara Elizabeth has been integral to helping me navigate producing in the film & tv world. She has shared such incredible wisdom that she has learned over the years. Her perfect blend of honesty and encouragement has helped me take major steps forward in my film. I look forward to continuing to work with her in the future!"

Josh R.

"Making a pitch deck has gone from being an insurmountable task for me to a fantastic opportunity to create my vision of my story utilizing the techniques, knowledge and experience that Sara so generously shared with me. I have come away from the experience with so much more confidence."

Aliki K.

"Sara Elizabeth's workshops, masterminds, and the collaborative community she’s created are incredible! I can’t recommend them highly enough. Sara Elizabeth is candid, supportive, a wealth of practical information and she goes above and beyond to clarify and explain issues ranging from pitching, screenwriting, and producing to the nuts and bolts of financing, distribution, legal issues and accounting. Sara’s classes have given me the confidence and clear understanding of what’s possible to produce high production, quality projects within reasonable budgets."

Sara P.

Frequently Asked Questions

At a restaurant, you can select a meal containing a main dish and specific sides. Or you can select different multiple items off of the “a la carte menu” (also known as the “sides menu”) to create your own meal. However, usually the latter approach is much more expensive. That’s the same case with our program. Think of our three different membership levels as three different meals, varying in size. The Basic meal offers a lot, but we find that most of our community members are hungry for more, hence why they select the bigger Pro and the BIGGER Master meals! With all the membership levels, you will be saving literally thousands of dollars on your favorite events, classes, resources, consultations, etc. compared to paying individually for each offering. For example, with the Master Level, you can get the highly valued “Investor Materials Development Package” for only $1,198 versus purchasing the package a la carte for $1,597, saving you $400! Also there are many exclusive offerings that only members can participate in and are not available to purchase a la carte, such as our Community Networking Events.

All memberships are an annual commitment whether you purchased a year-long subscription or a monthly subscription. You can only cancel before your yearly membership renews by reaching out to us at [email protected]. We cannot cancel your membership before your commitment year is completed.

No. As filmmakers, we totally understand that there may be a month on a film shoot when you have zero time to take advantage of your subscription with us. However, trust us that the process of repeatedly canceling and restarting your membership will result in you losing important interactions within our online community, access to resources from classes you have taken, and more cons. We have done our very best to make all of our courses and resources accessible and affordable, so we believe that the monthly fees are incredibly reasonable and totally worth it, even if you have to take a month off here and there. The annual commitment allows us to bring you so much value at such an inexpensive price. All of this is why we have a No Refund Policy. All purchases are final sale, so refunds are not provided for previous months on NFSNTFNP regardless of whether you have logged in to view your content.

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Yes. All of our memberships automatically renew. When you select a membership, you may choose the 12-month payment plan method, which will be billed automatically every 30 days. Or you may choose the year-long payment plan method, which will be billed automatically every year. You will get several courtesy emails leading up to your annual renewal date with the opportunity to cancel the renewal should your situation change (but we will still be here to support and cheer you on)!

No problem! It is a little tricky with our current technology, but it is doable! You will have to cancel your current membership plan and start a new one. To start the process, please contact us at [email protected]. We will help you end your current plan and upgrade you.  Please note that when you upgrade, it will start the upgrade as a new plan which is a commitment of one year from the new plan date. 

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Meet Sara Elizabeth Timmins

Sara Elizabeth established Life Out Loud Films to create quality, inspiring impact films that champion women. Her films have been seen in theaters and on HBO, Sundance, Hallmark, Amazon, Starz/Showtime and internationally. She has worked with Oscar & Emmy winning talent like Jane Seymour, Ellen Burstyn, Chris Cooper, Josh Lucas, and NY Times Best Selling Author David Baldacci. She field produced the Emmy nominated HBO docuseries McMillions for Mark Wahlberg's company which premiered at Sundance 2020. Sara Elizabeth believes she has a responsibility through film to spark conversations, that inspire action, that ignites change.

More About What's Included

POWER HOUR - An archive of over 40+ past guests- Rewatch your favs or catch ones you missed! A monthly virtual space for community, inspiration, and learning. Guests from all facets of the film industry, share valuable insight, wisdom and resources. Past guests include TV Producer Tracey Mercer, Literary Agent Robin Galloway, WME Story Editor Chris Lockhart, New York Times Best-Selling Author David Baldacci, and more!

PRIVATE FILMMAKER COMMUNITY PLATFORM - A place to cultivate community with other filmmakers in the community ~Coming Soon~

CREATING BALANCE FILMMAKER SERIES  - Success in our industry is more than just craft... it is mindfulness, wellness and self awareness and we are committed to giving you the tools to keep yourself balanced and authentic  

GROUP COACHING SESSIONS - With Sara Elizabeth, you can get your questions answered and challenges solved in a communal setting. All coaching sessions will be added to the calendar and spread throughout the year. 

GROUP DECK CRITIQUES - Submit your deck for feedback in a group setting. Each session is limited to 8 decks (first to register) but students can audit to just watch.  All group deck critiques will be added to the calendar and spread throughout the year. (Value $268)

FILMMAKER TOOLBOX - A collection of resources and tools to assist filmmakers at ALL stages of the filmmaking process. It includes workbooks like Assessing your Assets and Finding the Right Sales Agent, to release forms, sample contracts, sponsor and inkind/donation templates, suggested vendors, a filmmaker's glossary, and more related to planning, filming, and distributing their films.

PITCH PRACTICE SESSIONS - An opportunity to practice your pitch and get feedback in a group setting. Each session is limited to 8 pitches (first to register) but students can audit to just watch. All pitch practice sessions will be added to the calendar and spread throughout the year. (Value $268)

VIRTUAL FILMMAKER COMMUNITY NETWORKING EVENTS - A group session designed for filmmakers to meet one another and share projects to promote potential collaboration, support and inspiration. All virtual filmmaker community networking events will be added to our calendar and spread throughout the year.

INVESTOR DEVELOPMENT MATERIALS PACKAGE - This package includes templates for your investor materials, instructional videos, private consults with Sara Elizabeth and our Raising Money and Attracting Investors course. You can easily build your materials - saving you the hassle of figuring it all out on your own while saving thousands of dollars! If you want to fast track this phase of your film and start pitching to investors and securing money, this package is for you!


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