Film Courses

Many of these courses are on-demand which means you can take them at your own pace as everything is available to you right after purchase! We offer our courses a la carte, or check out our membership options to get them all and save!

Mini Courses (On-Demand)

Pitch Success: Crafting Your Investor & Film Decks


Are you feeling stuck trying to create your film & Investor Decks?

We go "behind the scenes" for a SNEAK PEEK at Decks that have attracted over $15M in film funding! You will gain insight so you can craft your own with knowledge, understanding, and confidence.

*Included in our Basic, Pro, and Master memberships.


Finding Your First 100 Investor Leads


Are you overwhelmed by how to fund your film and how to identify potential investors?

We get it, we've been there too. In this workshop style course, we're going to strategically help you identify your first 100 investor leads and if you're motivated, we may even double that.

*Included in our Basic, Pro, and Master memberships.


Our Filmmaker Master Series

Three courses with a total of 13+ hours of video, 35+ workbooks/additional materials, over $2,500 in contract templates, and MORE!

Raising Money & Attracting Investors

$287 - (Value $600+)

Don't know where to look for financing? Does the business side (contracts, investor docs, etc.) make your head spin? Does asking for money make you nervous?

We will dive into ways to raise capital for your film with a focus on private equity. We're going to give you our best secrets, tips and tricks for finding, pitching, and securing quality equity investors that have brought in over $15 million in financing for our films. You will spend LESS time worrying, and MORE time making your dream project!

*Included in our Pro and Master memberships.


Keeping the Quality High & the Budget Low

$287 - (Value $600+)

Do you have a limited budget but want your film to look fabulous? Wish you could pick a successful filmmaker's brain for tips and tricks?

Success is found when you are able to produce a HIGH quality product while keeping your overhead LOW.  We share how we were able to make multiple films that were valued at several times their actual budget. We can't wait to teach you all of the money-saving tricks we learned the hard way - so you don't have to!

*Included in our Pro and Master memberships.


Understanding Distribution & Marketing

$287 - (Value $600+)

Have you heard horror stories about filmmakers getting distribution deals but never seeing a dime? Do you want to maximize your investors return so you can make another film? Want to find and secure a sales agent?

A major key to a film's success is starting with the end in mind. To optimize its potential for success you must understand distribution, the market and the players upfront so you can reverse engineer the process! If you need advice on finding the right sales agent, strategy and negotiating contracts...we've got you!

*Included in our Pro and Master memberships.


Bundle & Save: Get the Entire Series
(all 3 courses)

$797 - (Value $1800+)


The Investor Materials Development Package

Do you feel clueless about all the legal documents needed to pitch investors? Are you struggling with creating your business plan and investor package?

With templates, recorded videos, and 1:1's with Producer Sara Elizabeth, this Development Package will save you the hassle of figuring it out on your own while also saving you thousands of dollars! If you want to fast track this phase so you can start pitching investors, this package is for YOU!

$1,597 (value $14,000+)

Get up to 25% off by becoming a member!


The Pitch Deck Content & Design Package

Are you feeling overwhelmed trying to craft a compelling pitch deck that'll attract investors for your film project? Struggling to piece together the right content and design elements that'll showcase your story and sell it?

Work 1:1 with producer Sara Elizabeth to create a deck that gets attention! From what to include, to flow, to making in catchy yet concise, she will help you curate and create the actual content to go into the deck. Work with our go to designer and filmmaker Laura Cassidy who will professionally design your deck with the guidance of both you and Sara Elizabeth along the way.

You'll finish this package with a beautiful pitch deck that'll impress potential investors and executives!

$1,597 (value $2,750+)

Get 10% off by becoming a master member!


NEW Live Film Courses

For these courses, you meet with your instructor, Sara Elizabeth, over zoom with your fellow students. We currently do not have any live class signups available, but you can join the Conscious Filmmaking Series Wait List below.

The Conscious Filmmaking Series

A 6 part series where awareness meets filmmaking. Get ready for the magical intersection where PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT, MINDSET, and FILMMAKING all meet to create magnetism towards accomplishing your filmmaking goals. 

Next series starts January 2024!


The Pitch Series

This 8 class series is designed to deep dive into pitching. With courses and practice sessions you can mix & match. This series has you covered with proven pitch techniques, tips and tricks we have used to raise over $15 million in private equity financing.


Want personalized guidance?

Sara Elizabeth offers private 1:1 coaching sessions customized to fit your needs! Consulting can be one session or purchased in packages for ongoing support & guidance.


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