8 Ways to Stand Out & Impress Investors

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Film industry executives are trained to say "no" and many investors have been bombarded with bad pitches or filmmakers who do not understand the business side of the industry and what investors want to hear.

Our webinar equips you with the tools to stand out in this crowded space, ensuring that you get noticed and remembered for all the right reasons.

→ How can you structure your offering strategically to prove you are different than the average filmmaker?

→ How can you set yourself apart and stand out as a savvy and responsible producer?

→ How do you show that you understand the business side and have their back?

In this webinar, we share strategic decisions you can make when setting up your investment offering that will make you stand out, how to articulate your value as a producer and ways to gain trust and credibility via 8 actionable steps all filmmakers can take. These are all steps that our team and our filmmaker clients have used with success.

Plus, on Friday, June 21st, we'll have a live AMA where you'll get the chance to ask Sara Elizabeth anything!

BONUS: For those who show up live we are including a secret bonus segment that will not be included in the replay! So, if you are looking for our #1 hack on creating credibility with investors when it is your first film, don’t miss the live webinar.

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While you will have access to the replay for a limited time, we are including a secret bonus segment that will not be included in replays so if you are looking for our #1 hack on creating credibility with investors when it is your first film, don’t miss the live webinar.

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LIVE- Ask Me Anything

Get LIVE access to Sara Elizabeth on June 21st at 2:30pm EST as she coaches the group real time, sharing the secrets that have enabled her and numerous of her filmmaking clients to raise millions in financing, bring on strategic partners, and bring dozens of projects to life.

This is a two day event you don't want to miss, I'll be covering a wide range of information on how to set up your investment and pitch to impress investors. Save your seat today!


Meet Your Guide
Sara Elizabeth Timmins

Sara Elizabeth established Life Out Loud Films to create quality, inspiring impact films that champion women. Her films have been seen in theaters and on HBO, Sundance, Hallmark, Amazon, Starz/Showtime and internationally. She has worked with Oscar & Emmy winning talent like Jane Seymour, Ellen Burstyn, Chris Cooper, Josh Lucas, and NY Times Best Selling Author David Baldacci. She field produced the Emmy nominated HBO docuseries McMillions for Mark Wahlberg's company which premiered at Sundance 2020. Sara Elizabeth believes she has a responsibility through film to spark conversations, that inspire action, that ignites change.

"I attached a Sundance, Emmy and Oscar nominated Director and within 3 weeks of pitching investors, I have already secured $200k and counting! Without Sara Elizabeth, I would not be where I am now!"

Maria S.
Pediatrician Turned Filmmaker - Munich, Germany

"Thanks to Sara Elizabeth, everyone I've approached for support for my project, both successful professionals in the film industry and out, consistently comment how impressed they are with my pitch deck, supporting investor documents and me."

Heidi H.
Filmmaker - Charlotte, North Carolina

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