4 FREE things every creative can do in the New Year for SUCCESS

tips Jan 25, 2022

I LOVE this time of year: setting both goals and healthy habits that will help set me up for greater success in the New Year.  Sometimes, a simple reset is all we need to clear all the things that no longer serve us to cultivate and nurture the things that will. 

Here are 4 simple things every creative can do in the New Year to set yourself up for success:

1. Create a workspace that lights you up- We underestimate the power our environment has on our ability to be creative and productive.  For me, I can't focus with clutter, piles, noise and distractions and if I feel inspired, I flourish.  Everyone is different so identify what makes you happy, then create a work space that inspires you: the colors, photos, vision boards, candles, dimly lit or bright with lots of light, indoor or outdoor, etc. Does your space right now bring the peace you need to create your best work? If the answer is no....fix it!

2. Pick a word for the year- This is such a simple thing, but makes a huge difference in focusing and aligning your year.  Beneath all your goals, what is the heart of what you want for the year?  For example, mine this year is CONNECT.  I let the word just come to me without much thinking, and it is amazing how much of what I knew I wanted in the new year does align with this.  Connect with Industry execs, financiers, agents, etc (actively expand my network), connect with myself even more (spiritual, personal journey), connect with my lovely community in new and valuable ways (YOU!), connect with my body (holy yoga! I can't do half of what I was doing 2 years ago, and my body is so tight and sore...and nope- I'm not admitting it is age), etc.  You get the idea.  Some of my past words have included CLAIM, ALLOW, WORTHY.  What is your word?

3. Do one thing for your craft every day…even if is just 5 mins- Serious!  5 minutes a day is 2 hours 20 mins a month and that is something!  I have a lot of clients right now struggling with balancing family or their "J- O- B" with their personal projects. While I get how exhausting it can be after all of that to sit down and command the creative juices to flow, I beg you to at least give it a try.  Why? (1) It helps form a habit. (2) You will be surprised that it's easy to commit to when you know it's just 5 mins, and you will likely spend more time once you just get your butt in the zone! (3) You can no longer say you didn't do something for you today and THAT means something.

4. Cultivate time to think- As I brought up in the last blog, we live in a society and industry of meetings, to do lists, coffees, happy hours, meetings, deadlines, meetings and so on.  Our days are packed, which leaves often ZERO time to think! This is CRAZY since this is the precious time that creative ideas bloom, new businesses are conceived, and new ways to be efficient and productive thrive. If you are always working to check off the to-do's while juggling a packed schedule, when do you get the chance to sit back, breathe and look at things on your plate from the big perspective?  I have found that giving myself time to think allows me the valuable time to reevaluate the best ways to tackle what is at hand, brainstorm creative solutions, consider alternatives and in the end, saves me time, money and takes both my business and and projects to whole new heights.

 4 small things that can help set you up for success that cost you nothing.  Give it a try and would love to hear how they work for you!


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