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4 Lessons from 2022 to propel you into 2023 Success

articles inspiration tips Jan 02, 2023

Wow. What a year.

As we say goodbye to 2022 and welcome a frest new start in 2023, I always love to take the time to reflect on the year behind us and this year has left me in awe. I have been awed at the opportunity to take teaching and educating internationally at the Cannes Film Festival, the Black Night Film Festival in Estonia and Film Focus London. I've learned so much about the international market and co-productions.

I have been awed by the power of the mind to shift perspective and therefore shift what we are able to do within this industry. (More about this below and this month).

I have been awed by the filmmakers I have had the extreme pleasure to work with individually and their many great successes this year! From raising hundreds of thousands within a week of completing their investor materials and beginning pitching, to a team who should close their entire money raises early in 2023, to securing first funding solely after completing a stellar deck. Filmmakers have secured distribution through Power Hour connections, completed scripts that are getting wonderful tractions from top companies, one has even worked with several a-list actors on their films, and the list goes on and happy for so many successes this year!

I've learned to embrace 4 lessons in 2022:

LET GO: of those projects that truly no longer serve you and your goals (this is not giving up, it is releasing a block).

LEAN IN: leaning into things that may seem uncertain but, in your gut, you know it is right. If they are meant to be they will not be as hard as you fear and will lead you in the right direction.

GET CLEAR: on you. Before you can get clear on your projects you have to get clear on the life you want to live, your filmmaker why and what you truly love to do (what lights you up). These all make up you and your personal brand. This will allow you to filter out the noise and distractions of our industry that can derail your progress and get clear on the things that will make you happy and let you shine. HINT: we often find what the industry defines as success is not our personal success...this could be a recipe for personal disaster

REFLECT: on the tests, triggers and blocks that are coming up in other parts of your life (personal, family, love, etc.) as they are often mirrors to the same things that are holding you back in your career. 

Keep an eye out for our next newsletter/blog where I share 4 Questions to ask yourself as you plan for a productive 2023.

                                       ~Keep Living Life Out Loud~  With Love, Sara Elizabeth

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