Are you Going to Stand Out?

inspiration Jan 11, 2021


So every night since arriving in The Virgin Islands, I have sent my nieces a video from what they call Aunt Hollywood’s zoo. It started because I was seeing so many cool animals and it now has become their nightly routine. Recently when I sent a video of my “pet” iguana, Isabella exclaimed “wow he blends in!” My thought in response- that is for survival. Then, it hit me. That is his animal instincts, but isn’t it ours as well? Society gives us an idea of what normal is and that shapes what the average person tends to conform to in order to fit in, blend in and survive. Clothing, behavior, expression, beliefs, even how we should rebel to fit in, etc. It is in our nature. We are just like an iguana but are we here to survive or to thrive? I don’t know about you, but I’ve spent too many younger years blending in…How are you going to stand out in 2021? 

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