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free videos tips Feb 21, 2022

We don't normally post the recordings of our Industry Power Hours, but we have made an exception with Alex's approval as this was just too juicy. Give a listen to the hour we spent chatting with Alex Fulton to find out more about the 3 things you can do if you can't get the music... and how his company, Fulton Street Music, came to life enriching films for the indie filmmaker. His roster of musicians are ready and waiting to collaborate, and if there is a song you have in mind there's probably a way to get it within reach of your budget! 

Ever learned so much in one hour that your brain explodes? That's how we felt after listening to Alex peel back the accessibility to the music world that many believe is only reserved for projects with major budgets. Turns out, NO! There are so many options to creating a beautiful score, and acquiring the licensing to the songs you love.

1. Alternate Songs... match the vibe and tone by searching Alex's database of unique songs crafted to enhance your scenes. 

2. Covers... Alex has a roster of passionate musicians ready to match the tone of your story to the songs you love. 

3. Original Compositions... thought this was reserved on for Netflix, or Hulu budgets? Think again. Find out how you can collaborate and create your own original score.

Many of you are writers with incredible stories to share. Maybe you have a soundtrack in your mind while you're writing? Maybe you make a playlist to catch the rhythm and tone of what you want to convey with a character. Alex affirmed that musicians/artists LOVE this as a way to connect to your stories and give you the ability to make your vision come to life whether you are making the film yourself, or getting ready to pitch your next project.

Watch/Listen to the video above as Alex shares the myriad of ways and processes to add the element of music to your stories!

He's happy to connect! 

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Alex Fulton
Owner / Executive Producer
phone: 646.328.1444
website: www.fsmg.nyc
reel: www.fsmg.nyc/reel
IG: @dukeheckem @fsmg_nyc
artist playlist: >> Your New Favorite Tunes Here <<



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