Carpe Diem -- Love what you do!

inspiration power hour May 13, 2022

Filmmaking is a Tough Industry, but It's also Fun...

No matter what you are doing in life you have to love it. Filmmaking can be grueling at times -- long hours, long weeks, harsh climates, overnights, unexpected location changes, etc. and with that Frank emphasized the importance of your team. The relationship you have with your crew, cast, producers are what moves the show forward. Sometimes it really is that simple -- be nice, a good person, and you will make lifelong friends in the industry who you can work with for years. As a director, knowing that you'll be planning your shots with your cinematographer during lunch for the afternoon, and wrapping out with your ad's for the next day's shoot the importance of surrounding yourself with filmmakers who are on the same page, telling the same story, and are passionate about making the film is vital. More true words have never been spoken, and Frank is right no matter what you are doing, "it's your life, you gotta enjoy it." 


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