Securities Laws: One of the Most Important Things you Need to Know about Raising Money


 Around the topic of Raising money and Finding Investors, one item that many filmmakers are not familiar with is SEC, and the securities laws they enforce. This is absolutely something that all filmmakers should be aware of before you set-up your investment and begin pitching investors.

What is SEC? How do you stay compliant in order to not run into legal problems with investors? What are the rules, regulations? What are the different kinds of filings?

It is such an important and yet dense topic we decided to bring in Entertainment Attorney and NFSNTFNP member Cathie Saadeh for an in-depth discussion about SEC issues that we highly suggest all filmmakers watch.

We learned so much talking to Cathie and we are excited to share this information with you!

Additional SEC links to check-out: 

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Cathie Saadeh Bio

I am an attorney who supports storytellers. Through my law practice, I work with producers, documentary filmmakers, musicians, writers, and other creatives on a wide range of contract, intellectual property, and business law matters. I enjoy helping my clients protect their work, navigate and overcome challenges, and most importantly, nurture and develop their stories. I am admitted to practice law in California, the District of Columbia, Maryland, and New York. 

~Keep Living Life Out Loud~ With Love, Sara

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