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"Collect Your "No's", They're the path to Yes!"

free videos inspiration Apr 05, 2022

 Micky Levy's Powerful Insights on Working Consistently as a Writer

"Collect your No's..."

What can I say? Micky is truly a powerhouse, and an inspirational writer whose experience in the industry provides a wealth of tools to help sustain a career in the film industry. Networking and being fearless in getting the resources you need to promote your stories is the root of what it takes to move your projects forward. That was the largest takeaway, but Micky goes a step further to share how to stay balanced, respectful, and make smart choices in the way you network and advance your writing by having the right production experience, coverage, and community.
View Micky's Inspiring Words from our Power Hour on Collecting your No's... (2 mins)
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