Life is Too Short- No #$@holes Please

inspiration May 18, 2021
This article about Olivia Wilde's policy was forwarded to me by another filmmaker and as you can imagine...I had some thoughts and thought I'd share.
Life is too short and there is no small print in our industry that says you have to suffer through partners that harass, degrade and are nasty.
I constantly hear filmmakers talk as if this is just "how our industry is" but it is NOT. It may have become the norm because for years we have allowed it too and we are in an exciting time of change that is calling out gender and race discrimination, toxic work environments and bullying.
Life is too short to work with #!$holes and I am much happier as a producer since I started hiring not just based on resume but resume and integrity/personality. I've even turned down deals because it just didn't feel right and I could tell it would be a miserable experience. I'll admit this was MUCH harder in my younger years out of fear of loosing work or respect from "powerful" people but that is why I am sharing this now so you can hopefully realize this truth sooner. Saying NO sometimes just opens the door for something much better to come in.
Never feel like you have to settle through a film with toxic people, environments and situations and know there is a trickle down effect that starts with those that helm a film. You can be a part of the change and enjoy the filmmaking process with a passionate family of filmmakers who share a common vision...yes, that is how film is meant to be created. Keep creating friends!

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