The 5 Key Takeaways from Cannes

articles tips Jun 14, 2022

Earlier this month we had the opportunity to attend the Cannes Film Festival and as always, what an incredible experience! We learned so much this year that we are excited to share with you. Take a look at my top 5 takeaways... 

1- The Market is back and people are buying!

2- Networking is KEY!  I was reminded of this after several years into the COVID lifestyle of not networking like I used to.  The number of potential investors, co-production partners, future collaborators and industry friends I met, simply by being at the festival, was mind-blowing.  Get out and network!

3- Make it Personal.  At this festival, sure, I talked business, but in addition to that, I took the time I had with people to connect personally. I did this by establishing a connection with them. We talked about common interests and earned each others trust. Without even "pitching" my projects, I had many people end the conversation with, "I like you…you are smart…you have great energy and direction… I'd love to look at what you have and find a way to collaborate with you".  There is a power to connecting...don't forget we are all human.

4-  We are always learning. In an ever-changing market, I learned so much this year about trends and opportunities for co-productions, overseas incentives and new ways of financing film. I am learning for my sake and also am excited to bring that knowledge to all of you!

5- You have to remember to have fun!  From the projects you choose to champion, to the places you shoot and the people you work with, you have to enjoy all of it. What we do is too hard to not also be lit up by your work. Do what you enjoy, enjoy what you do. 

~Keep Living Life Out Loud~  With Love, Sara Elizabeth
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