Preparing For and Navigating Film Markets

A lot of filmmaking clients have been asking me about AFM and upcoming markets like MIPCOM and Reel Screen Summit as we step into Market Season. In preparation for AFM this year and our upcoming course on Working the Markets with Success, I was digging through past files and found the testimony I wrote for AFM back in 2014.

I was honored that AFM actually featured me and my story in their marketing campaign that year!

Below is the testimonial I wrote.

Start with the End.

I originally thought that before going to AFM, I should have a film that was well into development.

In 2008, I started my production company, Life Out Loud Films to make our first film “Lake Effects”.  It was a family drama, the script was still being written and we had no money or talent attached when I decided to buy a half pass to AFM.  Here, I learned a lesson that has become the touchtone of my filmmaking career. For true success, I must understand the end of the process at the start.

Attending, I wanted to understand how to work the market and get the lay of the land so I would know what to expect when my film was ready for distribution.  It would be my tech scout of AFM. 

Once there, the energy was inspiring and I began meeting sales agents/distributors who have since become great mentors and supporters. I began to understand the importance of doing my homework about the distribution phase while still in development. For success, it was imperative that I understand the marketplace, the film’s audience and begin making decisions now in the writing, casting and producing that would increase our film’s ability to be sold and seen. Not compromising the artistic integrity of the film but making smart business decisions now, to sell it later.

I have since gone to AFM every year and cultivated lasting relationships with companies who now know me by name, know my work and track my future projects with interest. I demonstrated that I am serious about the business side of film and don’t just want to make a film, but make a film that can be sold. Investors love that we do our homework and actively network early on the film’s behalf.

Because of AFM, “Lake Effects” (which premiered on Hallmark) was in the amazing position to pick from many wonderful companies the team we felt was best for the film and both of my first two films had serious interest from several companies before they were complet AFM enabled me to educate myself and take control of the destiny of my films.

I am now in the fundraising stage for my third film which already has distribution interest and always encourage filmmakers to attend AFM and utilize this wonderful filmmaking tool for indie filmmakers.  Start with the end.


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