Pressing Buttons

inspiration Oct 20, 2020

Pressing Buttons... 

A filmmaker last week commented on “how exhilarating it is to push buttons” in reference to getting a step closer to your dream.


Whether it is “send” on an email, “submit” on an application, or “buy now” on a purchase, I have found that any press of a button can have mixed emotions of fear, commitment, and liberation all at the same time. I’ll never forget ten years ago, sitting in my office with my assistant and literally holding our breath as we hit the button to announce to the world we had attached Jane Seymour…the first name talent I had ever personally secured to a film. That fear of putting it out there and anticipation was immediately followed by squeals of celebration.


I also often find myself constantly rereading important emails for the seventy-eighth time, scared to hit send out of fear of a typo, saying the wrong thing, being too passive, or too aggressive, “what will they think”, etc. and yet we must remember we can’t move forward without pressing buttons and don’t forget the exhilaration and accomplishment it later brings. Don’t let the fear stop you.


Pushing buttons is frightening, scary, and hard as hell to do sometimes, but remember the excitement, accomplishment, freedom, and exhilaration that comes after and just PUSH THE BUTTON!


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