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The Power of Thinking & Letting Go to Stand Out in The Industry


Lesly Kahn's Powerful Insights and Inspiring Motivation on How to Work Consistently in the Industry...

Watch a clip of Lesly's closing words from our Power Hour where throughout the hour we learned new tools to elevate your instincts as an actor and navigate the business at large. She takes breaking down a script and revealing the truth of what the writer wants to accomplish to a new level with her approach of... wait for it... thinking! What a novel concept. Too often as actors we look at a page and think, "I have to pour my emotions all over this!" BUT Lesly's approach is to "have a thought, then say your line." She further explains, "thoughts don't come from your emotions, emotions come from your thoughts." Seems simple enough, right? Easier said than done, but with some rehearsing the actor's ability to elevate the words from a page to cultivate a full living, breathing character in this world from the writer's vision is immeasurably profound. She teaches actors how to act, raise their instincts, and book work on a regular basis with straightforward, honest advice. 
Watch just a couple minutes of our Power Hour with Lesly, and you'll understand why she is a force behind the filmmaker/actor's stamina in staying the course to success . Visit for more ways to connect and study with Lesly.
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