We are All Human

inspiration Nov 03, 2020

  Don’t forget we are all human... 

Humanity is what we all have in common and unites us despite our differences.  Our society often focuses on differences in race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, and politics but there is also an imbalance in power dynamics, position, and fame. Filmmakers- that film executive, distributor, or potential financier is human. Actors- that casting director, agent, or producer is human. They all have a heart and are human, even when they put on a hard exterior...so make connections and be real and authentic.  Express the impact your film will have and the lives it will transform, the escape it will provide, and the joy it will bring, and the awareness and change it can spread.  Remember they are human and every film is more than a story. There are universal truths that speak to what makes us all human and films that capture that truly capture what makes us the same. Don’t forget to share that and lead with WHY...WHY ME, WHY NOW! 
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