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What is Selling (and Not) In Today's Market

articles tips Jun 27, 2022
It is key as a creative to have a clear understanding of the market to best set your project up for success.  We continued our conversation at Cannes with Lise Romanoff at Vision Films and one area that we wanted to explore more with Lise and share with you, is the current market. She shared the 4 best selling genres, a few to avoid and some pointers on Faith-Based content
We asked Lise, what is selling (and Not) in today's market?
Lise: The types of movies that you want to focus on making right now or selling are the straight up Action movies, Family movies, Christmas movies (with snow of course), and Rom-Coms (with a female point of view). These categories are selling best because without a DVD market, the films must be TV and Advertiser friendly. The movies that are much harder to sell without a good budget or a theatrical-minded cast are the Male-driven Thrillers, Dramas, Horror and Sci-Fi.
She mentioned Faith based also sells well which led us to ask...What's the difference between Faith and Faith-light?
Lise: The main difference is that Faith-light means that one of the characters can trust in God, but the dialogue isn’t preachy and doesn’t quote scriptures or state that God is the only one that can solve the issue the protagonist must overcome. 
HINT: If you really want more opportunities to sell it you can make both versions
Thanks Lise for sharing your insight!
~Keep Living Life Out Loud~  With Love, Sara Elizabeth
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