Why Investor Group Pitches are Effective

Comfort in Numbers

I have found in the past that some of my best success in raising money has come out of doing group pitches.  Meaning, I do a presentation in front of a group (ie: at a party a supporter holds at their house, a wine and cheese reception at a local restaurant, a film "open house" in the community we are shooting, etc.).  Why have we found such success with these gatherings? The short answer- There is comfort in numbers.  Below are 3 reasons this approach is effective.

1- The Window Shopping Effect. The invitation to hear about your film in a group setting provides a kind of "window shopping" experience.  Many feel more comfortable that they can learn about the film and browse before getting into a deeper conversation or commitment.

2- The FOMO Effect. Everyone else is doing it and if I don't join too, I will be missing out. It is the group herd mentality that is in your favor here.

3- Excitement is Electric. Excitement is contagious and creates a momentum that cannot be recreated in a one on one.  It is like the difference between hearing a new song on the radio versus at a live concert where you are surrounded by thousands of fans enjoying the same song.

Learn the other 2 reasons in our Throwing Successful Investor Gatherings Course along with what works and what doesn't, the best ways to maximize your time, what to include, materials to offer, example materials, how to convert from attendee to investor, how to structure, advertise, invite and more.  We have hosted dozens of parties with success and will share what has worked for us so you can throw your next party with confidence.

If you are looking for how to throw a successful investor gathering, join us September 8th for our class, Throwing Successful Investor Pitch Gatherings . Class sizes are limited for personal attention and sessions will be recorded.

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