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4 Questions To Ask Yourself As You Plan For A Productive 2023

articles inspiration tips Jan 04, 2023

First, what are your 3 main goals as a filmmaker for 2023? Set one mini goal (attainable), one larger goal (attainable but more entailed) and one that pertains to you as a filmmaker.

Then, 4 Questions to think about: 

1- What do I need to release to make room? What habits, projects, objects, commitments, people do you need to let go of in order to make room for your goals?  Be honest. Often we have projects, people and obligations that are taking up valuable time, money, mental space or just energy that we should instead put towards our goals.

2- What are the 3 habits I can create in the New Year to begin meeting those goals?  This could be habits, routines, or processes. 

3- What limiting beliefs do I hold from childhood and younger years that may be holding my career back? I can't make money doing what I love; I'm not good enough; I don't have famous parents so therefore I can't break in; I'm an imposter; Who am I to sell my script? It is amazing to see the power these beliefs or even traumatic moments can have on our ability to be successful and achieve what we want.  The unconscious usually trumps the conscious. It will take time but even identifying them takes away some of their power and you will then begin the process of working through the blocks so you can see your goals with a clearer perception.

4- What do I really want my life to look like? Who is in it, what are my days like, what does it feel like? Imagine it and then look to see if your currents goals truly align with this or what adjustments you may need to make? Is what you really want in line with what. you really want?  Also, surround yourself with people who inspire you, have shared values and light you up versus weigh you down...don't underestimate the effect this has on what your life looks and feels like.

                                       ~Keep Living Life Out Loud~  With Love, Sara Elizabeth

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