Are you Having a Hard Time Getting Investors?


You might be thinking, "am I ever going to get an investor for my film," - right? It comes down to hooking them and demonstrating to them that you have their back and are doing all you can to minimize their risk.

I get it....for me I figured this out through trial and error but trust me - if I can go from knowing nothing (and figuring it out on my own) to raising MILLIONS of dollars for my films and creating a working production company - you can too! 

The reality is - it's all possible, and I'm going to share the things I found that made investors stop their objections and really start listening with intrigue in our free webinar.

Watch the video above to hear my top recommendation for filmmakers pitching investors and for more information about our upcoming free webinar!

Ready to learn how you can make yourself stand out to investors? Let's do it!

The first step? Join us for our FREE webinar, 8 Ways to Stand Out & Impress Investors, on June 20th at 2:30pm EST!

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