4 Ways to Use Detailed Comps to Get Your Film Made

free videos tips Jul 23, 2021

In followup to last week's Happy Hour Guest Bruce Nash, Sara Elizabeth is sharing 4 ways the data from detailed comps can help guide your film to a path of success.

Check out The Numbers which...

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Whose advice and feedback are you listening to? 3 ways to sort through the noise and stay in your worth.

inspiration tips Jun 04, 2021


Brene Brown said something that really resonated with me as a filmmaker as I constantly navigate advice, naysayers, critics and "experts".

“A lot of cheap seats in the arena are filled...

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Finding Images for your Film Deck

tips Mar 23, 2021

Your deck is a visual representation of your film that must entice, inform and persuade.  The images you choose are key in creating tone and taking the viewer on a journey that is tonally in...

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Building Your Craft// Read award-winning scripts

tips Feb 02, 2021

Building Your Craft

What is something you can do for your craft this week?

Read a script that is getting great reviews. The more you read fabulous scripts, the more you innately begin to develop an...

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